Who Are WE?

We are human first and proud of it. That's right, real people with aspirations, achievements, careers and goals for our futures as well as our families. We make mistakes too because that's what humans do. Many of us are learning this new day-trading skill for the first time while others are seasoned veterans who are passionate about exchanging knowledge and strategies. No two of us are the same. We come together daily to share in a mutual quest to better ourselves. Our common bond is WE Trade and this is the Desk where we do it.  

Together WE Learn, Trade and Grow. 



Steve Dahl  |  Instructor

Engaged 24/7 Room

Steve is the Founder of WE Trade Desk and actively serves as an Instructor inside the community's Engaged 24/7 Room. Since 2001, Steve has been a visionary in the FinTech and online trading education industries. His popular TAS Market Profile charting indicators are on Bloomberg and Ranked #1 on TradeStation's AppStore (over 600+ apps). TAS Market Intellgience is relied upon by thousands of traders daily through an expansive selection of industry-leading platform integrations. Steve is revered as a technical analysis expert and he delivers an entertaining teaching style and eye-opening trading method.  

  • Trading since 2001
  • Favorite markets are Emini SP, Gold & Crude Oil
  • Favorite trading tools are TAS Indicators, The EDGE and TAS Profile Scanner
  • Favorite pastimes are golf, traveling and coaching youth basketball
  • A fun fact is he's an extraordinary whistler and he raced turtles in his youth 
Steve Dahl | WE Trade Desk
Steve Dahl | WE Trade Desk

Scott Pulcini  |  Instructor

Order Flow Room

Scott is the Head Instructor in the Order Flow Room of WE Trade Desk. Scott was first introduced to trading on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade before migrating to the screens where he proved his prowess. Scott was featured in the popular book, "Enhancing Trader Performance" by Dr. Brett Steenbarger. He averaged an impressive 10% of the Emini S&P global trading volume per day from 2002-2005 and amassed over $15 million in profits for his firm during that period. He is an expert at reading order flow and eager to share his method. 

  • Trading since 2001
  • Favorite markets are Emini SP, Emini Nasdaq, Gold, Crude Oil & Soybeans
  • Favorite trading tools are Bookmap, TAS Indicators and VWAP 
  • Favorite pastimes are golf, thoroughbred horse racing and an avid sports fan
  • A fun fact is he is a master card-counter 

Andrew Pawielski  |  Instructor

MPA Room

Andrew is the Head Instructor in the MPA Room of WE Trade Desk (MPA = Market Profile Advisory). From 2007 through 2019, Andrew developed his unique trading strategy while an industry professional at one of the busiest trading firms in Chicago. His expansive knowledge of the futures markets is invaluable to both aspiring and seasoned futures traders. Andrew is eager to draw upon and share his experience gleaned from over a decade of assisting retail traders and consulting institutional clients. Andrew is a respected market technician and a skilled trading educator.  

  • Trading since 2007
  • Favorite markets are Emini SP, Crude Oil and seasonal spreads
  • Favorite trading tools are TAS Indicators, TAS Profile Scanner and Order Flow
  • Favorite pastimes are cycling, skiing and competitive BBQ
  • A fun fact is he is training for an upcoming Ironman Triathlon
Steve Dahl | WE Trade Desk


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